Abumi Zaku

Age: 14 Birthday: September 14
Rank: Genin Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Sound Village Length: 157 cm (5'2")
Introduced: Episode 21 / Chapter 35 Bloodtype: AB


Currently deceased, sacrificed by Orochimaru.


Abumi Zaku, part of a team with Dosu Kinuta and Kin Tsuchi, is an arrogant and proud genin who stubbornly refuses to give up, even at the cost of his arms. This Sound ninja had a difficult life as an orphan, and was beaten regularly for stealing food to survive. Orochimaru then took him in because he "liked" Zaku's angry, proud eyes.

Zaku likely had a special surgery in his arms, giving him the ability to use his Zankuuha, a powerful jet of air that can destroy rocks and rip flesh. Although powerful, it has a glaring weakness, which is that it is clogged easily, as Zaku found out during his fight with Aburame Shino.

Zaku fought proudly as a representative of the Sound Village, but was sadly discarded like a pawn, as Orochimaru coldly stated. Orochimaru sacrificed him and Kin Tsuchi in order to resurrect the First and Second Hokage during his fight with the Third Hokage.

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