Clan Description

The chubby clan of the Leaf. They are most famous for their body enlargement jutsus and their large appetites as well as their own chubbiness. An easy way to look for them is to look for the large, chubby features of the clan member.

Increasing the size of their body(parts)

Two attacks of this clan are known. The Multi Size no jutsu and the Meat tank. The effect of the Multi Size no jutsu is that it enlarges one of the user's body parts or all of them. The effect of the Meat Tank is that it allows the user to roll around in a ball at high speeds. First the user tucks his arms, legs, and head in. Then they just start moving real fast. As they start to build more momentum in their rolling, the faster they roll and the more damage they cause. Hence the name Meat Tank.

Another thing about this comical but powerful clan is that they make three pills available only to those that belong to the Akimichi clan. Three different pills with three different colors. Blue pill - Houren-gan pill. Yellow pill - Curry pill. Red pill - Pepper pill. Taking even one of these pills causes great damage to the body. All of the pills increase the chakra of whoever eats them. However, these pills do not only cause great damage to the body but th pills can also be fatal. In most cases, people die from eating them because of too much of a strain on the body. That's why the members of the Akimichi clan only use these as a last resort. These pills also have a particular order in which you are supposed to take them. Starting with eating the weakest to the strongest pill. In this order: Houren-gan pill, Curry pill, and then finally the Pepper pill. | 2003-2015 is a fansite based on the Naruto Anime and Manga series. The holders of the copyrighted and/or trademarked material appearing on this site are as follows: NARUTO © 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All Rights Reserved. Helping
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