Tree Climbing

This training includes gathering chakra into the feet and climbing up a tree. It teaches to control chakra by bringing out the correct amount in the proper area. The amount of chakra needed to climb a tree is minimal, but it has to be perfect. Kakashi said that the bottom of the foot is the hardest area to gather chakra. By learning to control chakra, an individual can master any jutsu if they try.

Water Walking

A more advanced training than tree walking. Like tree walking, a user must gather chakra into the feet and constantly feed the appropriate amount into the water. The release of chakra must match the weight of the body and the amount necessary to float. It is more difficult to control chakra since water is not solid and constantly moving. This training is used to teach an individual how to create a specific amount of chakra into any part of the user's body.

Leaf Concentration

This training requires a person to concentrate all his/her chakra onto a leaf which is placed on the forehead. It's an effective way of training concentration. By calming the mind and defining a target, one is able to draw upon their maximum power. Rumor has it that the leaf sign on the Hidden Leaf forehead protector originates from this training.


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