Naruto-Kun FAQ

All frequent questions that we get, as well as less common questions that we just want to get out of the way and answered so that we hopefully won't need to be asked about.

Questions and Answers

Can I cancel my membership/delete my profile?

You can't delete or cancel your account on your own, and the admins/moderators won't do it upon request either. If you don't want your account anymore, for what ever reasons, simply don't log in to it anymore.

What up with all of the missing and out-dated info sections?

This is because for a while Naruto-Kun had a lack of active staffmembers to keep things updated regularly, many things got pretty out-of-date. Now that we're back on our feet, we have a lot to get the site caught up on. Slowly but surely we plan to have everything up-to-date again.

When was created?

Naruto-Kun was founded in 2003 by Chipp (named Octronyma at the time) and ConneX. They started designing and coding everything around that time too.

How can I become a moderator/admin?

Generally, we don't choose the people that openly ask for the position, we choose people that we notice are around a lot and regularly active at the forum and IRC channel.

When do new episodes of Naruto Shippuuden come out in Japan?

Naruto Shippuuden airs Thursdays in Japan.

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