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(#1) posted on April 4, 2012. - 15:51

Here's a list of games I think are fun/good for PC
I'm new to PC gaming from being a console fag, so it's short for now.

-Battlefield 3
-Binding of Issac
-Team fortress 2
-Left 4 dead series
-Half life series
-total war series
-Mari0 (portal + mario is a bitch by the way.)
-Tribes Ascend.
-Blacklight Retribution.
-Shogun 2 total war

I will add more once I purchase/download some more games.
that's if Ian still forces me to stay on this website.

List suggested by you other PC Players also.
-Mass Effect 3
- Halo CE
(#2) posted on April 4, 2012. - 15:52

What about League of Legends?
(#3) posted on April 4, 2012. - 15:56

Haven't played that yet. :|
Seen vids and I have no clue what the fuck is going on.
(#4) posted on April 4, 2012. - 23:07

I'm sorry number 2 should be omitted as its already fail on Ps3. Half Life ftw.
(#5) posted on April 5, 2012. - 02:41

Of course it's fail on consoles. :/
Battlefield 3 is more for PC
Like CoD is for xbox and ps3...The only decent cod for the PC is CoD 4.

Like Skyrim sucks on console compared to PC where it's just wow.
(#6) posted on April 5, 2012. - 09:27

Skyrim was the best offline game I've played, after Super Mario.

I'm more of a multiplayer addict, you stated some good games.
(#7) posted on April 5, 2012. - 20:29

Skyrim is so-so.
Have you play Halo CE?
(#8) posted on April 7, 2012. - 03:08

Add Mass Effect 3 to the list. Its a great game.
(#9) posted on June 4, 2013. - 18:24

new york
true crime city nd
fear 3

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