Question: Which one will you play 1st?
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Topic: Ebon's MMO List for 2012
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#1 - posted April 11, 2012. 17:24

So I thought I'd come with a short list of the latest massive multiplayer online games I play and those I plan on playing on their release on my free times, so if you feel like experiencing new generation HD online games, I doubts you'll regret it

Became absolutely F2P (free to play) today, this game is quite good and keeps releasing new content often, so it never gets boring. I've been playing it since it was on beta a couple of years a go, and I still have fun killing noobs

AION site
AION trailer

One of the most expected games of 2012, this game has no match, the gameplay, graphics, and lore are beast. Pre-release launched yesterday, I've purchased mine

GW2 site
GW2 trailer

Still on Beta but a private server was able to rip their database and launch the beta for free, so no expenses here either, the game is really cool looking and asian oriented, ninjas and samurai lovers should definitely try it out. One of my favorite drawing artists (Kim Hyung Tae) who participated in Capcom, and Magna Carta, developed all the characters for this one too, so for me its a big plus

BnS site
BnS trailer

Still on closed beta as well, but the open beta will launch on 19th April, so I am ready for this one as well. Seems really promising.

Tera site
Tera trailer

I got my closed beta key a week ago and this game is nuts, for those who have played Borderlands and Team Fortress this game will be godly. PM me if you are interested on a beta key to try it out before the official release

FireFall site
FireFall trailer

I am not sure about Diablo 3 and StarWars The old republic, but if my spider sense tingles I might get a hold of those too, they are not bad, just didnt convice me yet

Yeah I like playing games before they come out, since beta is for free ,I am able to decide whether they are worth buying when they are officially released, or just wait for free private servers without wasting any coin. Can't play them all on regular basis, so some will get my attention more than others due to le job

#2 - posted April 14, 2012. 08:13

BnS reminds me alittle of Ragnarok. Tera looks ok, but Aion is interesting. Guild Wars is just no for me. I heard the stories about SWTOR also and there have been good reviews, but I would have to pay for it and im sorta set back on buying games.

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