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#1 - posted April 21, 2012. 16:49

Quite innovative if you ask me. The three games from spacetimetimestudios have 3D environments playable in the browser or even on your mobile. I quickly fell in love when I first saw them.

Star Legends

My favorite out of the three games, it follows a more sci-fi approach in the story and stuff. It's got cool armor and weapons which is the cheapest both in terms of availability and prices out of the three games.

Dark Legends

I'd probably give this the second place. It's about vampires and zombies and stuff like that, scary.

Pocket Legends

The only one out of the three I hated, follows a more anime-ish approach but graphics sucks ass in this one; environment, weapons and characters you get to play all look crappy.
#2 - posted April 21, 2012. 20:41

The games itself don't look bad. too bad you have to download Google Chrome in-order to play it. I think that's some bullshit, but fortunately, I have Google Chrome on my computer, I just never use the damn thing because it's slower than my Firefox.
#3 - posted April 22, 2012. 09:19

Really..... um I mainly use Chrome because it's faster than my firefox.
#4 - posted November 4, 2012. 04:35

Firefox has cheat codes. I don't really play online games much, and I don't understand why most companies like the one you listed make multiple versions of the same game with different designs. Its like that Pocket Ninja game.
#5 - posted November 5, 2012. 11:04

Liked playing this game...though a bit tiring but you can enjoy playing it!!

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