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#1 - posted April 21, 2012. 19:16

Okay, so I've always wanted to give writing a shot but every time I try to write it's the same thing. I can always create the world in which they live in, come up with great characters, even come up with fantastic scenes in which the character act. However, I cannot come up with a general plot. Or rather, I cannot come up with any conflict that works within this world. In this topic, Im basically asking for help.

Recently, I've thinking of writing this internet series called Tales of Amedaria. Your basic fantasy and myth writing like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. The whole magic, dungeons and dragons mojo. I know, it's been done a million times but hey, I'm no professional and I do this for fun.

The basic plot is that in every country, it is filled with Guilds that sort of act as military branches during times of war. A teenager named Ballad is determined to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Guild Mercenary. His father, Forte, is against this despite Forte being the leader of the guild R.A.V.E. One day, Ballad walks around his city late at night after arguing with his father about joining a guild. He then discovers a mysterious man and is attacked by a violent creature called a Cretin. He is then saved by a white-haired man, who gives him a sword.

And that's where I'm stuck. I want to involve the Cretin's in some way similar to Heartless in Kingdom Hearts, or Hollows in Bleach, or the Darkspawn from Dragon Age. However, I can't think of any plot that would involve them.

Another part of the story, is that the white-haired man, Prowl Zen, was the leader of an opposing guild, Holy Crusaders, was in the city for a meeting of all guilds in Faenum(the country where they live). Basically, all the guilds were getting together to have a meeting about the future of the country, and basically that's where the reader would be filled in on the conflict.

Now, my only problem is, what is the conflict? Anyone wanna help me develop the plot? I really need some good idea's. I'm open to anything.
#2 - posted April 22, 2012. 01:34
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Well it would help if you imagined yourself in the position as the main characters of the story. That's usually how I think about different conflicts and climax's. Bleach is ok, and I never played Dragon Age. Kingdom Hearts is a flawless project which I would recommend using ideas to help your story. Try thinking about what happens in the future and combine events that wouldn't have happened in the present to your story. An invasion of some sort for example. It could have started years prior to your story, which cause Guilds to be formed in the 1st place, and each Guild having a specialty against these invaders, but then think about the invaders side of the story. How they work out their weaknesses against these guild, and form new provisions and evolve to omit the weakness they had against these fighters. Sorry man i'm not a smart thinker. Stuff hits me along the way and I tend to imagine allot, but I get stuck in places to. So I cant help as much as you would like.
#3 - posted April 22, 2012. 09:16

An interesting plot around Cretin... I know; they can be hunters. They hunt down humans and are basically immune to magic. Of course the level of strength and immunity varies.

Cretin is the lowest form of a higher species that is bent on destroying humanity altogether. They live in mountains and caves, basically everywhere that humans don't. And they always seem to plot human annihilation.

And so on I could tell a whole story, but then this is yours I don't want to impose myself on you so...
Just the basic Cretin plot hope you like it. Developing it is up to you.
#4 - posted April 22, 2012. 15:51

@Nelo: I like your whole idea of putting yourself in the main character's shoes. Basically, you want me to think backwards, which is a pretty cool idea. I actually never thought of that.

Though, I already thought of reasons why the Guilds exist. They've been in the country for years. They are basically mercenaries, or the ninja villages in Naruto.

@Low: That's the basic point of Cretin's. They are child-like, emotionless creatures who only think about killing. Though, there's not just Humans in this series. There's also Atlantians, Barkaanians, and Mujayans. (They will all be explained once I start writing)

I like the whole Cretin's being a lower species but, to keep it simple, I think I might add in Ranks like they do in Bleach. (Hollow, Menos Grande, Vasto Lorde)
I've actually been brainstorming and here's what I got: The Cretin are starting to be controlled by someone who is planning to either attack a city .

Unfortunately, the Guilds are pre-occupied with a potential invasion, which leads to all of them to be dispersed across the country. Rave has been dispatched though, not many of it's member remain inside the city to defend it as well.

After a series of mysterious events and clues, Ballad manages to find out who's behind the destruction of the city and plans to stop him.

Basically, that would be the first arc of the story. The point of the arc, is for Ballad to prove himself to his father that he is worthy of joining Rave. What do you guys think of that?
#5 - posted April 23, 2012. 00:55

Not too shabby although the plot around Ballad seems too plain for my taste. Make his father the ultimate villain while what seems to be the enemy in this first arc turns out to be the hero later. That would sound interesting...
#6 - posted April 23, 2012. 02:12

Well, in a way, he is an antagonist. But, why make him seem like the ultimate villain if he's just gonna turn around and be a hero later on? Seems kinda cliche. And I also have one guy as the villain. I'm gonna try to type up a Prologue or something by the end of this week.

If you guys have any idea's for names for this series give me a clue, hint, a suggestion or something.


On second thought Low, I might take you up on your offer but I'm gonna apply that to a character I already made.
#7 - posted April 28, 2012. 20:29

i can come up with names..tell me genders and thei personality and i see what i can do

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