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#1 - posted April 29, 2012. 04:01

chapter 1:News from inner demon.
Yoko.a girl with red eyes and black hair,sat at a table in the back of a lunchroom.: her inner demon,Infernate,has some news that could happe.|he closed her eyes and whisperd: "black room open",her hair started to blow in

gust of wind and she opened her eyes.Yoko was no longer in the lunchroom.she was in an all black room standing infront of a firery gate."Infernate.awaken" she said.The ground started to shake then a growling noise came from the gate,two large red eyes

appeared behind the gate."Good your here" it said in a woman's voice,"yes,but why?" Yoko asked."I'm afraid what will happen to Kitoko village.A war of the demons wiil take place in our village" Infernate said."A war of demons?" Yoko asked


chapter 2:Kyoshi Storm
"Yes...but less then an hour something terriblestorm wii take hold" Infernate said.Yoko was silent until sniffed the air,"a Kyoshi storm....?" she finally said."A storn when in which everytime rain falls a bandit appears"

Infernate explained."I cant handle the storm,its a non-stop shower" Yoko said,"well I know who can help you"Infernate said.Yoko stared at her demon,"who?".Infernate smiled then everything vanished
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#2 - posted April 30, 2012. 14:56

Keep it up Ino, interesting story
#3 - posted May 1, 2012. 10:53

Chapter two seems publishable. Nice novelty.

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