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#1 - posted May 10, 2012. 22:34

My name is Jay Blue you have no clue what im going to do when im around unpredictable,unforgetable,unhitable. I strike like lighting when im fighting you wont see it coming. I live in the darkness because i became heartless because people didnt give a crap about me. So i found the rapper inside me and im on a rapping spree. Im about to set the rapper free inside me. When i was in a rap battle i lost because my raps were crap thats when something inside me snapt. Now im on a rapping spree and i only hold the key to set the rapper free inside me. Some people care for me and others hate me. Because they know they cant stop me for trying to follow my dream. Now im on a rapping spree a rapper is inside me. People have less faith in me because my raps were weak and i couldnt win a fight because i look weak. I like to see them rap battle me and fight me and then we'll see whos weak in the kneels now im on a rapping spree cant you see. I will show the whole world someday when its my day people will say i should have respected him now i want to be just like him. You should of listen to me now you just want to be just like me and its all because i was on a rappinf spree.
The Dark One

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