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In the beginning, there was only our God, whom we have known as "The Creator". The Creator, from nothing, created our world in which we live in. We have come to know this world as, Amedaria.

Within the world of Amedaria, there are several mysteries. For one, unknown to most people, our world is round. Next, there is the "Great War", a war that was so great that it lead to the divide of the great continent of Amedaria into much smaller continents, such as Europa. Another, is that there are several gaps and loop holes in our history. Not many of the stories seem to match-up, even the formation of the Five Powers. Finally, there is also the extinction of the Cretin tribe; one day they were here, and the next they were gone. Despite this knowledge, it is unknown to most people in our world, nor do they care to know of it. The Five Powers of Europa have executed anyone who has tried to uncover these secrets, which leads me to be even more curious of mysteries of our world. - Alder, the Historian.

As the story goes along, you'll learn more about the World of Amedaria. For now, let's look at Europa.

Plot (Setting)
The continent of Europa is divided into 5 equal parts. They are known as the Five Powers of the Europa. They control the five parts of Europa with an iron fist, and ruled the other nations of the continent into submission. They are also the alliance that keeps Europa and it's other nations in order. The alliance consists of Faenum, Valcania, Norgud, Artren, and Hrodgra. When the alliance was formed, other nations constantly tried to take power away from the alliance, though, all have failed. The noble existance of the alliance is the driving force that keeps peace within Europa.

It has been nearly 300 years since the formation of the alliance. Once every six months (twice a year), the kingdom's of Europa gather together in one of the Five Powers, where they discuss the matters of the continent. It is a way to keep peace within the continent for the decades of endless fighting. From each of the councils, it has been decided that only the Five Powers are allowed to have a military, and that every country must have one representative unless they will be considered an enemy and a threat to the Five Powers.

All was well and great within the continent Europa. Or at least it was, until it was decided that Valcania was a threat to the continent. The people of Valcania made their legacy with the use of a mysterious stone known as the Great Fire Rune. It was a huge red stone that laid in the capital city of Valcania, Emberhurst. The stone was the heart and pride of Valcania, and the source of the country's power.

For centuries, their people have relied on the stone, even before the formation of the Five Powers. The Great Fire Rune had a magical flame concealed inside of it. When the stone was fed Manna, it would create a firestorm so great that it could swallow an entire city in nothing but flames. It was a powerful weapon, and from it, many alchemist were able to create much smaller versions of the stone that could generate fire from thin air. These smaller versions of the stones are simply called Rune Stones. However, despite becoming a part of the Five Powers, Valcania was against sharing it's Rune Stones with the rest of the Five Powers.

Norgud wanted a piece of the stone so it's people could use it for warmth during the blizzard seasons. Artren wanted to use it to create sunlight in it's swamp lands for better agriculture. Hrodgra wanted to smaller stones to create more refined metals from it's caves. The king of Valcania, despite their claims, refused to allow the stone's usage outside of it's borders. And so, the rest of the kings had a secret meeting. Each of the king's voted to attack Valcania and take it's Great Fire Rune for their own. While the king of Faenum had nothing to gain from collecting a piece of the Great Fire Rune, he had decided to go along with the plan in fear of having the other powers attack him next.

And so, the Five Powers, now changed to the Four Powers, attacked Valcania for it's resources. It was a long and tough war, however, in the end, Valcania was defeated. The Four Powers had made a breakthrough to Emberhurst, where they each met the king of Valcania all by his lonesome. In a last effort to protect his country, he sent the Great Fire Rune into overdrive. The Rune began to absorb a huge amount of Manna from the king. It grew bright red, and then relinquished a great fire that took more than half of the country itself.

In the end, there was no more Rune, the King's body was nothing more than ashes and the country itself sat in ruin. Valcania was nothing more than a burned wasteland. The Four Powers retreated with the rest of it's forces, and left the desolate country to rot until the end of time. Valcania was now nothing more than an empty shell of it's former-self, however, there was still hope for a future for the Valcanians. Faenum, and few smaller country's took refuge for some of the escapee's of the war. The Four Powers now decide, their next action: who will be the new Fifth Power amongst them?

Now that you know the background of Europa and it's current condition, it's time for you to pick a role in the plot. The roles are not limited either. Anybody can play the same role as another. You can also add your own story to the plot you have chosen.

Plot (You)
It has been one year after the war. Most of the Valcanians have fled to Faenum, where the king has lent them safe shelter. However, all has not been well. The Four Powers have yet to decide which independent nation will become the next Fifth Power, which has also caused tension within the continent of Europa. Many of Valcania's territories are being divided by the Four Powers, which has caused a number of rebellions amongst it's people.

In Faenum, there are guilds. Guilds are organizations that are filled with mercenaries who offer their services for money. The perfect way to travel a country, or earn some cash is to become a mercenary. It is also a way for one to gain respect and recognition of others. As a guildsmen, no one will question your authority unless they are of another guild, or of higher rank within your own.

You have arrived in the city of Viscaya, where you seek out the guild, Rave. You trust that your skills are enough to join the guild and become a mercenary. You have entered their headquarters in the center of town. You are aware that you must pass a test in-order to become a member of Rave. They assign you to a team in-order to take the test. You walk into the room where you will meet your teammates. You walk into the room and you meet....

Valcanian Refugee - You have managed to make it to Faenum, though, like other Refugee's life is tough. Money is hard to come by, and decent food is even harder. The only way you see yourself getting out of your predicament is by joining the guild Rave, located in Viscaya. Although, by joining, you will move up in the social and financial ladder's, but your people will see you as a sellout.

Faenum Commoner/Nobleman - You've lived either an elegant life, a normal life, or a tough life. Either way, you wish to join Rave for some excitement, fame, or possibly you just like the money. You may have some views on Valcanians that may be a bit different from others though, they are your own.

Tiefling Slave - After leaving Valcania, many people have tried to enslave you. You have either been a slave, or escaped slavers many times. You have managed to make it to Faenum where you will be safe for slavery. Though, being in Faenum does not do much for your survival. You have decided to join Rave in the City of Viscaya in-order to improve your life.

Character Sheet

General Information

Name -
Age -
Race - (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, and/or Tiefling.You can also make-up your own Race as long as they aren't animal-like. You can also choose to be half-race. Nothing based off of an anime, unless it's something like a Fishman.)
Gender -
Nationality - (Are you Valcanian? Fae? Hrod? Norgish? Artrenian?)
Guild - (Obviously you belong to Rave)

Appearance - (What do they wear? Either a picture, or one paragraph describing their attire)

Personality - (how do they act? At least one paragraph)

Statistics and Abilities

Ability Points - 8 (You must have at least a 1 in everything except Magic. You can only have one stat with a 6, though, you cannot start off with ANY stats at 6. Distribute the 8 points evenly.)
Strength - How strong are they? How hard can they hit?
Agility - How fast are they? How evasive are they? Are they very deceptive?
Endurance - How long can they run? How many hits can they take?
Magic - How much Manna can they control? How well is their knowledge about Manna?

6 = Mastery
5 = Very Strong
4 = Strong
3 = Average
2 = Weak
1 = Very Weak

Fighting Style: (Are they a swordsman? Magician? Assassin? Martial Artist? If they use Magic, what kind of magic do they use?)
Skills: (Do they have any special techniques or skills? Can they talk to animals? Are they psychic? Can they transform?)


Main Weapon - (what kind of weapon do they carry around? Or do they go weaponless?)
Secondary Weapon - (This is for stuff like a second sword, shields, or a dagger or something)
Bag - (What do they carry in their bag? Potions? First-Aid Kits? Explosives? Alchemic Materials? List it. Be reasonable with the equipment you carry)[list]
History and Achievements

History - (What has your character done so far? At least one paragraph)

Achievements - (Leave this blank until you start going on adventures)

I will be Game Master. I will decide what happens on all of your quests. I am primarily looking for 3 characters, though, if there is more people who like this, I might just make a second team for a second story or whatever.

Character Slots
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I like

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