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#1 - posted May 13, 2012. 08:21

The world is ending. Theres zombies everywhere. There hunting us down. Soon they will be hunting for me and you. This is what we should do. Take a gun and run or ur done. There not dieing what should we do. Soon the world will be nothing. But lonely thanks to these zombies. People are dieing and familys are crying. Soon they will be coming for me. They can try to get me. But they wont get me. If i kill them first is this my curse. Im walking on this zombie land. Im going to put this to an end. In this zombie land. Am i the only human in zombie land. I got to be strong im going to prove these zombies wrong. The virus is sprending more. I should lock my door. But that wont stop them. Wheres uncle sam when you need him. The world is ending thanks to these zombies. But they better run to there mommys. I going to put up a fight for my life. Im not dieing tonight.the world is ending. The zombies are the reason why i got to live like this.
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#2 - posted May 13, 2012. 21:48

#3 - posted April 3, 2013. 21:14

it was kind a gud bluejay275
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