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#1 - posted May 22, 2012. 03:14

The world is so cold with all of these murders, and rapers. Im going to put the stop to this. People wont miss this u cant miss this. People we dont need to try to kill each other. We need each other. Humankind is under attack by terrorists. This world is so cold people are being under attack by people they dont know. I know we got to die but why can't we live a happy life. And not fight or kill each other we should love one another. But this world is so cold i dont know how human kind can live like this. Why kill someone you dont know thats not right.they might as well fight back since there under attack. Jay blue is back. This world is so cold im going to change this world to so cold to so warm. Everyone will be nice to one another. We dont need to fight one another no more. Thats why im back.
The Dark One
#2 - posted May 24, 2012. 14:19

Are you serious?

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