Question: Have u played this game and was it fun
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Topic: Jaws unleashed
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#1 - posted May 27, 2012. 21:32

U get to play as the most feared shark in the ocean. U get to sink boats and a chopper. U get to eat all kinds of sea creatures like the blue whale and other sharks. The movies might suck but the game is awsome
The Dark One
#2 - posted May 28, 2012. 02:48

Dude the graphics on it sucks, but it is good, just after you beat the 13 missions it has, all you can do is go around the island, and it sucks after awhile.
#3 - posted May 28, 2012. 18:38

The game itself is old, but was really popular among fisher families.
#4 - posted May 28, 2012. 19:08

I didnt know that i guess u learn something new everyday
The Dark One
#5 - posted May 28, 2012. 20:16

That game has nothing on Ecco The Dolphin. Get at him.

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