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#1 - posted February 12, 2012. 19:56

Copy+Paste magic, activate.

I never knew this place existed :O I guess I can now be considered a veteran of something.

I may be commonly known on N-A/B as Chikudoro. Although, probably not that much, as GLU is way more popular than me.

Don't deny it.

Which brings me to the scary little monster who showed me this site that happened to not be known to me for soooo long.

DeathShadow :3

We're not friends for the record.

But I'm Squirtle's "intimate partner." I refrained from saying something rather explicit so that I don't get banned right after I registered.

Yes, Intimate Partners. He'll deny it, too, but don't listen to him. He's crazy.

I'll consider this as a "new beginning" and start taking over this site and all who oppose me.

#2 - posted February 13, 2012. 03:36

Well well well.. glad you decided to join the forums "veteran". u.u

Welcome Chiku.
#3 - posted February 13, 2012. 04:49

Welcome, Chizu. Glad you're here.
#4 - posted February 15, 2012. 01:01

@Low: You may begin bowing down to me.

@Death: "Glad." You're so funny.
#5 - posted February 15, 2012. 22:08

Welcome to the forums.

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