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#1 - posted February 12, 2012. 19:58

Welcome to Anime Board's first Picture Thread. I suggest you read all of the rules before you break any. Any rules broken will result in a report.

The Rules
~Do not post the same picture more than once unless you post a different one at the same time.

~Do not make any comments insulting to the user. (I.E. You look stupid/I bet you look even worse in the morning)

~Do not repost the pictures anywhere except here without the poster's permission.

~Do not rate the same picture more than once.

~Do not post a picture that is not of you, unless permission was given.

~Do not make idle conversation without having some contribution to this topic.

~All A-B Rules apply.

You must do one of the following in each post:
~Post a picture of you.
~Comment on someone else's picture.
~Say thank you or something of the like. Something in gratitude.

I repeat, any rule breaks will result in a report to a Moderator/Admin. Any adjustments to the rules may be made with proper moderator consent or my own, whichever is more convenient.

Now, with that said, have fun. Despite the many rules needed to keep this in check.

#2 - posted February 13, 2012. 08:02
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I'm on the far left.
#3 - posted February 15, 2012. 01:00
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Such a dirty look you got there.

And what a rude gesture. -.-'
#4 - posted February 16, 2012. 04:17
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lets add some content then
#5 - posted February 16, 2012. 06:34

Lol I second the above post in every aspect. @ Fresh, you guys look like the cast from Love & Hip Hop
#6 - posted May 1, 2012. 05:52
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dont make me bump this shit again

#7 - posted October 5, 2013. 18:44

lol. wow. No one takes this seriously. .-.

oh well.

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