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Topic: Village Maps
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(#1) posted June 24, 2012. - 08:05

I am looking for maps/basic outlines for the villages they visit during the anime series. I need maps for the Sand Village, Cloud Village, Leaf Village, and maybe the Rain Village. I understand that entire maps may not possible as the villages haven't been entirely explored and probably never will be seen completely. I just need a basic outline of the villages' "structure" and shop locations. They don't have to be entire maps just fill in what you think would go there and that will be okay. I can use hand drawn or computer drawn maps/outlines.
(#2) posted March 20, 2013. - 20:40

well, i'm not searching for any kindof maps. but yeah! the village's maps really creative
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(#3) posted July 27, 2013. - 00:22

Stickied and moved, this is a good idea and is something I plan to add to the information section soon.

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