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Topic: Naruto RPG: Naruto Mush Rivalry
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#1 - posted August 26, 2012. 23:33

Hello everyone!

I thought I might give some insight and perhaps attract a whole new stream of players that are interested in roleplaying in the Naruto Universe in a fashion that is a little different than the typical forum based roleplay.

Naruto Mush Rivarly is a texted based game, obviously based on Naruto but a few year after the birth of the great villages.

Naruto Mush Rivalry is primarily a texted based Roleplaying game, based a few years after the founding of the great hidden villages. As a player you have the opportunity to join one of the many clans on the grid, Hyuuga, Shirayuki, Uchiha, as well as join any of the Great Villages(Or be a wanderer) with the ability to transform the world and live out your life as a shinobi. What separates this form the usual forum based role plays is that there is a concrete system in place for character growth in the form of experience points as an interactive battle system. This prevents God modding and also helps with character growth to make text based role play even more exciting.

You have the ability to create your own clans, attacks, defenses, summons, participate in missions, wars and much more!

Generally, you can start out as a student, genin, or Chuunin in any villages and work you're way to the top to achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve. Its rather closeknit community of roleplayers looking to expand the world of Naruto to even more people

If you wish to look at some of the roleplays, history, skills or anything of that sort you can check out the link in link removed- This is also our main site in being able to get started!

If you have any questions let me know!
#2 - posted August 27, 2012. 06:55
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#3 - posted August 27, 2012. 09:16

Please post in the proper section. And be careful. If the game is any scam stuff, you will get warned.

Raziel: Warned for spamming.

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