Question: Do you believe in SlenderMan?
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#1 - posted September 6, 2012. 01:08

You may heard the legend of slenderman well i think he is real you can call me crazy but hey i believe we are not alone in this world but he hides in the woods watching you and following you you have nightmares about a man with no face aka slenderman before you get kidnap he kidnaps adults and children also you can find him on a youtube account called Marblehornets if your interested in legends like me you should check it out.
The Dark One
#2 - posted September 9, 2012. 06:35
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Seems like another internet fad to me. Yup there's some strange stuff out there, but this isn't 1 of them. I would agree in terms with aliens before I believe in this nonsense.

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