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#1 - posted September 12, 2012. 21:52

My soul is so cold i got no where to go but my own road where its dark i have no one for my own im all alone in my road my feelings got killed and they will never be healed. Thats why i hide in the shadows. Because everyone seems to diii me but i know deep in ther soul there not so cold they will diss me but the will miss me this world is so cold itd turning old thats what everyone was told. Everyone can be cold but not as cold as me i have a darkness eating me but that was the old me. But nobody knows that im cold so i keep it that way forever and always.
The Dark One
#2 - posted September 16, 2012. 07:50

Not that deep on poetry, but its simple. Would look better if it was in a stanza.

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