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#1 - posted September 20, 2012. 22:54

Anyone here play Magic the gathering? I recently started playing the game about a month or two back. I played it once when I was a kid online which is why I was able to pick up the rules of the game rather quick a few months ago. There's still a lot for me to learn when it comes to startegy but other than that, I think I have a good understanding of the game. I played Yugioh(a game that requires NO skill) for a few years so I understand the basic rules of the game. I'm actually anticipating the Return to Ravnika release ery much since I run a black/red vampire deck.

I'm personally thinking about creating my own card game. Idk why, but card games have been a hobby for a long time.

This is my deck from what I remember from off the top of my head.

Creatures: 22
Stromkirk Captain x 4
Stromkirk Noble x 4
Falkenrath Exterminator x 4
Vampire Nighthawk x 4
Knight of Infamy x 3
Markov Partician x 3

Spells: 18
Pillar of Flame x 4
Searing Spear x 3
Vampiric Fury x 3
Predators Gambit x 4
Go for the Throat x 4

Lands: 20
Swamp x 8
Mountain x 8
Dragonskull Summit x 4
#2 - posted September 21, 2012. 21:35

Sorry, I don't. I play LoL though.
#3 - posted September 22, 2012. 11:00

I've played it 2 times, both on Playstation. Its way to complex. It reminds me of how you play the Pokemon card game where you have to use the original energy rules to attack.
#4 - posted September 26, 2012. 02:46

Tried once. Failed epicly
#5 - posted September 26, 2012. 23:12

Wtf? MtG is the EASIEST game to learn and play. Whats so hard about it? You need Mana to cast cards, and the object of the game is to lower your opponents life to 20. How hard could it be to learn that?

The hardest part is learning the effects of cards, and learning which cards are good with what.

This game is the oldest card game in the world for a reason. If you give it a try a second time, or pick up the game with a friend, I'm quite sure you'll have fun with it.
#6 - posted September 27, 2012. 22:44

The effects was one of the factors. I remember having to use land or field cards or something in order to have monsters too. I could try it again if it was virtualized. but I don't think I would ever buy the actual cards.
#7 - posted September 28, 2012. 00:39

I never played against anyone but i know the rules and i collect them too
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