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#1 - posted October 2, 2012. 12:45

I am starting a fan art thingie
#2 - posted October 2, 2012. 12:48

[img]\\draco\Mydocuments$\Users\Year 11\000287\My Documents\sasori drawing finished.gif[/img]
#3 - posted October 2, 2012. 18:08

You would firstly have to upload the picture from your computer to an image storage website like TinyPic and / or Photobucket.

After that use the Image bbcode tag and the direct link in order to make it display correctly.

Good luck with that.
#4 - posted October 2, 2012. 22:27

What Raziel said basically. You need to upload the image into an image sharing site before linking.
#5 - posted October 3, 2012. 00:28

Lol I remember when I wasn't good at the internet.

Hey dude, try photobucket. You can upload images there for free and then use the links to share your photos with everyone on the internet.
#6 - posted October 3, 2012. 01:37

They pretty much explained it to you. I'm gonna close this for now. When you learn to upload images PM me.

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