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#1 - posted February 15, 2012. 11:01

Simple as the thread subject implies, list all the MMOs you've been through, those you're currently on, and those you intend on being on. Adding your personal review/rate on each one of them would bring a greater outcome of the thread :)

Quote by (not mandatory)sample form
Previously Played:
World of Warcraft (retail) - rate 8.7 (good game yaddahyaddah paladin blahblah souffle)

Currently Playing:
AION (Warz pserver) - rate 9.1 (nice graphics blahblah hot instances yaddahyaddah good PvP)

Intend on Playing:
GW2 (retail) - rate X - (unreleased yaddahyaddah expectations blahblah big fan of the series)
#2 - posted February 15, 2012. 22:10

Previously Played:
I've played Fiesta, and that was from an ad. I liked it, but I stopped playing in early 2011. I also tried Pockie Ninja, but it was an epic ripoff.

What I intended to play was Dead Frontier. I like Zombie based games, and when I started the beta of this awhile back, I got interested.
#3 - posted February 15, 2012. 22:19

I've played countless MMORPGS don't even remember most of them.

Some that I do remember are:

Adventure Quest
Adventure Quest: Worlds
Call of Gods
Spiral Knights
Team Fortress 2
Crystal Saga
Pockie Ninja
DD Tanks (Not sure if its the exact name)

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