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(#1) posted October 17, 2012. - 10:24

Bleach Chapter 512: Death Whilst Standing, Volume 53.

You can read the chapter Here
(#2) posted October 18, 2012. - 05:00

Bleach is kinde fake now. Ichigo is basically a god.
(#3) posted October 19, 2012. - 09:34

Quote by Nelo
Bleach is kinde fake now. Ichigo is basically a god.

How does that make it fake? .-.
(#4) posted October 20, 2012. - 14:26

So to sum those 19 pages of nothing - Ichigo came, random people kept dying.

And Nelo, wait until he overcomes Yamamoto's bankai. That will make everything even more stupid.
(#5) posted October 20, 2012. - 14:31

Haha well you got a point. I still see hollowfication though, That side of him is equally as powerful as the Final Getsuga Tenshou mode - and if not, even more powerful.
(#6) posted October 21, 2012. - 02:34

Each or every other chapter Ichigo just goes god mode. I wonder if Kudo will atleast let us see some old characters abilities. I've been eager to see Urahara's Bankai, Yuroichi's Shikai, and I want Ashido to come back he's awesome.

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