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Topic: Naruto Chapter 607
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#15 - posted October 30, 2012. 01:17

Well I think that the manga is being depicted in a manner where the readers already know what happened in the events prior. For example Kishi has already shown the main details of the story in the anime, so instead of having to repeat every aspect he just shows the back scenes since he believes that the readers already know where to continue. It might seem like plot holes to some people, but for others who understood what happened its no problem.
#16 - posted October 30, 2012. 01:53

It's true that readers understand what's going on, but to those fans who see all these inconsistencies is a big let down. It's always pretty disappointing to find the author forgetting about their own story's time line.

Getting the message across is one thing, but getting the message across with ridiculous time line errors is another.
#17 - posted October 30, 2012. 22:26

One of the main problems I can see is that Obito faced Yondaime Hokage shortly after his body was semi-destroyed, not only he could match Yondaime and summon Kyuubi, Kakashi was just a kid (teenage) at that time, thus Obito's age was supposedly the same, yet it doesn't look like it when you watch/read that part in anime/manga.

Moreover, it reveals that whole time, the whole plot is build on a teenager's crush dying. Seriously, can you expect anything worse when we've been through 600 chapters of shit?

This whole arc has been one bullshit after another, Kishimoto using silly plot moves to conveniently revive tons of characters that were better dead to further ruin his story, just to nail it with the biggest plothole that has ever been made afterwards. Yep. Kill your own story.

If I couldn't read this for free and/or didn't have time for it, I would've dropped this series months if not years ago.

#18 - posted October 31, 2012. 01:50

Well, supposedly, that thing that looked like Tobi wrapped itself around Obito, which would explain why Obito was solid enough to fight Minato.

But still. Watching a little boy throw a tantrum over the girl he obsessed over isn't exactly something I signed up for.
#19 - posted October 31, 2012. 20:26

I sort of agree. If Kishi is not going to give us more reason than 'Obito butthurt cause of Rin', then it's dumb.

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