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#1 - posted February 16, 2012. 01:09
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Welcome to the Naruto-Kun Forums!
One of the very first known Naruto message boards has returned after years of down time.

Just a few things you should note about this section:
- Newcomers can post their introductory topic in this section. Not many rules here except;
- Be respectful to the newbies posting here and welcome them. Answer any questions they may have to the best of your knowledge. Giving them false information and misleading them is frowned upon.
- Discussions in this section should be limited only up to where the thread allows the discussions (if there are any). No chit chat in intros. Welcoming them is ok.
- Do not bump/post in threads that are inactive for a month or more.

We hope your time spent on this forum is a happy and enjoyable one.

- N-K Staff

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