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Topic: Naruto Chapter 610
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#1 - posted November 20, 2012. 22:14

The Naruto manga chapter 610 entitled 'Juubi' has been released. You can read it here.
#2 - posted November 21, 2012. 06:45

So when did the fox become so Op. He just donating chakra here and there. Since he's so buff why not just have Gai go 7 gates for the remainder of the battle since Kyubi can just slap some chi on him every 10 minutes
#3 - posted November 22, 2012. 00:17

I would love to see Gai's 7th gate. I'm interested in what will happen.
#4 - posted November 22, 2012. 04:16

Gates > Sharingan. He can run from the Kamui.
#5 - posted November 22, 2012. 17:02

Quote by Darkfrost
I would love to see Gai's 7th gate. I'm interested in what will happen.

How many gates are there again? Won't he die if he opens the last one
#6 - posted November 23, 2012. 06:28

As far as I know there's 8, and I believe the user does die since the last opening is death.

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