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Topic: Naruto Manga: Chapter 611
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#1 - posted November 28, 2012. 09:59

The latest chapter of Naruto Manga has been released, entitled "Arrived"

You can read it here.

Feel free to discuss this chapter, and predictions for upcoming chapters in this thread.
#2 - posted November 28, 2012. 20:06

That was a Bijuu Dama Juubi just took like it was a paper ball. ''-''
#3 - posted November 28, 2012. 21:33

Things are getting interesting!
#4 - posted November 29, 2012. 11:33

Why does Hachibi look like a doll compared to the Juubi, while in other pages they all look around the same size?

How is Tobi able to control that thing when they clearly said it was made out of nature chakra?

Since Ino can hijack Tobi for a split second, why on earth haven't she or any other member from her clan takeover the Juubi, considering how Tobi controls it, and she just played him from using the Hyuuga.

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