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Topic: Naruto Chapter 615
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#1 - posted December 27, 2012. 20:00

The Naruto manga chapter 615 entitled 'Connected' has been released. You can read it here.
#2 - posted December 28, 2012. 18:35

Chapter felt like a Filler.
#3 - posted December 29, 2012. 15:32

@Nelo: I agree. It was a bunch of bullshit talking that would hopefully lead up to some ultimate new super uber jutsu that naruto has been planning to use since the beginning of this battle but didn't have the strength to do it until now. Or some other plot armor bullshit like that. That's what it seems like there is left for this anime.

I can tell that after this war, the anime isn't over. They brought back Orochimaru, which was the main villain in the first chapters. I don't think they can bring a guy like that into the picture for a split second and then cut him out just like that. Most likely, he'll retreat after doing his thing and then make a new super group of villains or something. Or, he might try to steal the Juubi for himself.
#4 - posted December 30, 2012. 17:57

Why can't Orochimaru just die already? zzz
#5 - posted December 31, 2012. 04:59

I find it ironic how Sasuke and Orochimaru tried to eat each other numerous times, and now they're best friends. I think Sasuke was really meant to be Orochimaru's Pupil.

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Disasterpiece, Ian.
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