Question: You know me from xat? Or did you saw my name in xat?
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Topic: Sora arrives on naruto kun
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#1 - posted January 23, 2013. 04:18

Yo yo! First of all call me Sora. I am 17 years and a i am a gamer. I am really active everywhere (mostly xat's)
My xat name usually is Sora[TFU], but now its same user as this one... My n-a clan is TFU.
There many things i like and many things i hate. Mostly i like to seat and watch anime and read manga that is why i usually afk and dont play much n-a and s-a anymore. If i play naruto arena i usually listen to dubstep or techno music to keep myself motivated.
If you ask me what i forgot in naruto kun, my answer would be "I have no idea" I joined here maybe because nofuture told me that he is Admin in here and i was like "Ok' but then it was under construction and never registered here. (maybe i did but dont remember user nor password)
Maybe i will see many friends in here from xats like Igi (turkey) or nofuture or someone else lazy to list all of them (mostly listed from NS xD. Well ok lets see how fun it will be here xD....
Oh and i can speak Chinese, Latvian, Russian, English. Most people say my grammar sucks and yes its true. Btw i am also learning Japanese and maybe Portuguese (turkey)
Well that is enough! Type/Say whatever you want. (turkey)

N-a user: Albert8t and Sora
S-a user: Alex and Sora
#2 - posted January 23, 2013. 13:01

Hello Sora, and welcome to Naruto-Kun!
#3 - posted January 23, 2013. 22:31

life is difficult yes. But why stop when something comes in your way? In your path of life? Take that problem and smash it! Stomp that problem until it's solved.
#4 - posted January 23, 2013. 22:47

Quote by igi33
Hello Sora, and welcome to Naruto-Kun!

Quote by DemonSpawn


N-a user: Albert8t and Sora
S-a user: Alex and Sora
#5 - posted January 24, 2013. 03:21

Welcome, Sora. :)
#6 - posted January 24, 2013. 15:42

welcome dude

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