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Topic: Naruto Chapter 617
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#1 - posted January 23, 2013. 11:56

The Naruto manga chapter 617 entitled 'Whirling And Enduring 2' has been released. You can read it here.
#2 - posted January 23, 2013. 22:48

So now he transform more powerful chakra to everyone and everyone just contra attack Obito and Madara. Hmm... Interesting i wondering was it Sasuke or someone else healed Naruto's bone when they showed in page 14 or 15. Then out of sudden Team Hebi appeared xD.

So far this chapter not impressing me, looking forward to next chapter.

Thanks for the share Igi

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#3 - posted January 27, 2013. 23:37

i feel that same what sora does..but thanks for sharing
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#4 - posted January 30, 2013. 00:35

I already foreseen Naruto handing out the fox's chakra. What I still don't understand is how great the Juubi was described and yet the only thing that it did was take out a base, which is what most tailed beast bombs could do anyway.
#5 - posted January 30, 2013. 22:17


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