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Topic: Naruto Chapter 621
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#1 - posted February 20, 2013. 14:47

Naruto chapter 621: Hashirama and Madara has been released! Read it here.

You may discuss.
#2 - posted February 21, 2013. 02:20

What the hell? "The 1st Hokage and Madara are matched in strength." But yet he takes on the Kyuubi and Madara? Lolk.

Another one of Masashi's attempt to draw back in viewers by summoning useless jutsus. They're just ripping off other animu now. What happened to the old Naruto? Training, endurance, and a good philosophy? This chapter looks like fucking wizards attacking each other. Then we get a random flashback about when he first met Madara and some gay stone-skipping quote that Masashi will pull out of his ass later in the manga to strike emotional tension? He's just making this stuff up, now.

What's next, aliens fly out of the sky and help The 1st win?
#3 - posted February 22, 2013. 03:07

what...the...i agree with compassionate
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#4 - posted February 22, 2013. 21:10

So a flashback in another flashback... Flashbackception?

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