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#1 - posted May 21, 2013. 11:21

This is a bit of story that began as someone telling me in breif a story and then I write on that. A sort of collab writing if you will. Story credits go to crazymonkey3 from warofninja.


A not so ordinary hotel in the middle of a small town in a perfect stop for long distant travellers. Especially if the travellers are a tour group from the world famous platform WarofNinja. This hotel: Moonstar, is used to such royalty. WarofNinja is a multi-billion dollar corporation that's commited to electronics and cyberspace gaming. It pays top dollar for it's world renowned players who are the face of the organization.

And as part of it, the team of Crazymonkey, Nana, Low, Chase, LucasLost, Squirtle, Ela, Rukia, Karab and Marcel goes are going to be doing an expo in the Lolia town in the continent on Royalé. They plan to hold a tournament called 'Battle Royalé which will feature selected kids from Lolia. Winner of this tournament will be granted a week's stay in one of WarofNinja's Gamelabs on the continent where all the facilities will be available at his liesure. Everything will be free for him for that week.

While the WarofNinja team settles down in their hotel rooms, a drama plays out at the door of the town.

The outpost, located some 20 meters from the first house along the highway into the town, is a sturdy enough structure. In it sit's one guy who's only job is to give out tickets to those entering the town. As the town is relatively small and poor, money from the people using the highway that goes through the town is one of the many ways for them to earn any sort of income. Farming is also done in Lolia. Fresh olives are grown in plenty, making up for quite a profit. But all that money goes into the private sector business, leaving just a percent of the overall income for the government.

Anyway, this man see this kid coming down the highway. She looks dazed. He pokes his head out the window of the outpost, and shout out to the kid, a female; about aged 15. She looked dehydrated and worn out. Her boots were soggy and torn. She had blood all over her dress and she didn't seem like she could walk properly. She was dragging her left leg as she walked. Her hands seem frozen, as they weren't flailing as a normal person in walking motion would.

"You there... where are you from?" The man asked her.
She looks at the man. Her hair for the most part concealed her eyes, and she seemed motionless, except for her open jaw, it seemed like she was moaning. She came towards the man, and before he could say anything else, bit his nose off.

The man fell backwards, partly out of shock. He took a small revolver out of his pocket and turned to the window. She had gone. He could still see her walking into the town.
"Not so easy missy!" Having decided he was going to at least run a bullet through her, he went after the girl. "Stop right there!" The man fired a warning shot.
The girl did not move. She kept walking forward. Suddenly, the man felt an intense pain, like his eye was going to boil out of their place. It felt like his hand was screwing backward, and as if his guts would burst out. First it was intense pain, then nothing. Blank darkness. It was as if he had sunk into some sort of pit.

Night fall in Lolia..

"How long are you going to sleep Karab?" Nana asked out of annoyance as she got out of shower. Nana is the prettiest of the two girls, she and Rukia, She's proud and confident of her looks, and often hotheaded. Nana is part brain and part the singer in the group. Her voice is not the prettiest, but she sings decent. She got to join the group due to her extreme talents as a T.V host. She's going to be the one hosting Battle Royalé.

Karab is a guy who is all muscle. He rarely talks to anyone, but makes himself known through his fists mostly. When he's not sleeping, he's a full-time graphic designer who has designed things starting from logos to banners and advertisements, he's a professional when it comes to that stuff.

"Let him sleep..." Monkey stopped writing and got up from the table, "I'm going downstairs to join Marcel. You should too." He walked to the door and opened to go out.

"Sir, may I come in?" A girl stood in the doorway. She wore a sort of uniform and and was carrying a sort of checkboard in her hand.
"Who are you?" Was Monkey's first response.
"I'm a trainee student here in the hotel... just going to perform a scheduled check." She answered, blushing. She was forced into doing it by her peers. Basically, the duty was her friend's.

"I wasn't informed of..." Monkey stared down at the girl, arms folded; looking firm.
"Just let her in and do the job." Nana came from behind, wrapped in her towel, "And be on your way." She pushed Monkey out of the doorway with a smile.
Monkey laughed at himself and walked on, while the girl went into the room behind him.

Low came out of the elevator just as monkey stopped by to go down. "Hey..." Monkey called Low, but as usual, he didn't answer; and left towards his room. Monkey sighed, he never understood that guy. Low rarely talks to anyone, and is only seldom seen talking to Karab. Both of them often hang around the gym together. Apart from the fact that Low once killed a guy using a crowbar, not much is known about him. And for the most part, others just leave him be.

Monkey didn't let that worry him much as he got into the elevator. Besides, he has much to do, checking on the rest of the crew, the equipments and then arrange for tomorrow's pre-concert.
Elevator door opened on the second floor reception. Before Monkey could take a step out, an abrupt and loud thud rocked the elevator.
Hastily, monkey stepped out, and walked right out of the door towards the reception.

He was quite surprised when he saw the trashed out reception area. Blood covered most of the floor and in places, there were pools of them. Reception desk had been torn in two, chips of wood and broken pieces of chairs lay everywhere. It was like a bomb had gone off. Kind of scared, Monkey walked forward. That's when he noticed a man lying face down at the exit out of the building. He was moving.

"Sir.. are you alright?" Monkey asked as he went towards the man.
He didn't reply, but was slowly getting up.
"What happened..." Monkey was looking around for anyone else. But found no one.
As the man turned, he noticed something freakingly grotesque about the man. A part of his left shoulder had gone, as if someone ate off him.
"Who...what happened to you?!" Monkey sensed the danger when the man, seemingly in a trance, began to move towards him.

"S-stop moving. You are in need of m-medical attention!" Monkey backed a little.
But the man didn't listen. A sort of moan was escaping his throat by the second, getting louder.
A sudden growl from the man knocked monkey off balance, and he fell down, "Wh-who are you?!" Monkey shouted in fear as the guy grabbed his right leg with both hands. Wriggling free of the guy's unbelievably strong hold, Monkey got up and turned to run away.
Another guy was charging straight at him. Monkey tried to get away, but got knocked down again as this guy threw monkey down with a sharp elbow to the side of his left shoulder, "Sorry," This guy said as he whipped the broom in his hand against the face of the man.

Monkey turned and saw to his utter horror as this guy drove the end of the broom right through the man's eye socket, "And stay down!"
He hadn't finished. Even as Monkey got up, the guy kept punching holes into the dead man.
"What are you.. doing?!" Monkey finally asked.
"Don't tell me you have sympathatic feelings for these zombies?" He looked at Monkey in disbelief.

"He is a...zombie?" Even as he said it, Monkey could not bring himself to believe a word of it.
"The names Chase. People call me Lilly." He smiled, shaking Monkey's hand; smiling.
"We need to-" Monkey was relieved to see Marcel making his way down to where they were. He looked wobbly.
"Today just keeps getting better!" Chase got ready to fight Marcel.
"Wait, he's my friend!" Monkey stepped in front of Lilly in an attempt to save his friend.
"Let's see." Chase knocked Monkey down again, and lightly hit Marcel, on the side of his head, just enough to bring him down.

#2 - posted May 21, 2013. 11:22

"Are you nuts?!" Marcel got up, angry. He appeared drunk, and smelled even worse. "Who the hell do you think you are, hitting me like that!" He swung a clenched fist at Chase, who seemed more than happy to dodge it.
"Testing..." Chase laughed, amused at himself.


This bit is what was saved on my pc from the 3-4 chapters I had written. Characters a representations of members of warofninja community. The project has been dropped currently,

Hopefully, ya' ll will enjoy.
#3 - posted May 21, 2013. 14:01

u know wat! its really nice.
varah rangalhu
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Hey. English only on the forum.
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It'll be nice cause you can get free stuff!
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Quote by newakatsuki
It'll be nice cause you can get free stuff!

Haha yes, Free stuff. But the value of "free stuff" drops until eventually you don't care.
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hey its good
dun come!!

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