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Forum Rules and Regulations

1. Don't spam; try to stay on subject of the topic you're posting in
This means when you reply to a topic, your post should be relevant to the subject of the topic, not something totally random. However, the Spam Kingdom topic is the place you are allowed to spam and double post as much as you'd like without consequences. The spam kingdom can be found in the "Off Topic" section.

2. Avoid double (multi) posts and flooding
This means avoid making more than one post in a row, before anyone else gets the chance to post. Use the edit button if you just posted and forgot something or thought of something new to say before anyone else posts yet. Accidents do happen though, if you accidentally hit the post button twice, don't worry about it, it happens.

3. Don't flame / incite drama
Don't say anything that can be disrespectful or hurtful to others. Inciting drama is purposefully angering other people involved in a specific topic, resulting in retaliation; the whole topic turning into a flame-fest, which ends when a moderator has to close it down for getting out of hand.

4. No pornographic images or content, this includes Hentai
Pornographic images (including hentai) is not permitted in topics or on your avatar/signature.

5. No advertising other websites or services
Posting, sharing or otherwise asking for links to external games, forums, stuff like that isn't allowed. Affiliated websites can be an exception.
Note: You can still talk about Naruto Games.

Thanks for taking the time to read our rules and guidelines. We hope you enjoy your use of the Naruto-Kun forum.
- Naruto-Kun Moderators

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