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Topic: The Way I Feel About You
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#1 - posted May 25, 2013. 14:24

Whole the night i cant sleep...
The way u showed me ur braveness..
It was amazing but sorrowful...
U know the way i feel about u..
u shouldnt have to say i should move on...
With a second man how colud i live...
When u have taken my whole heart with u..
With him i feel disgusted...
But with u i feel free...
U know that is the way i feel about u...
Theres so much to say to u...
but u bid farewell too fast...
Whats the use of all these money u gave me....
Niether u'll come back nor i can buy a time machine...
U know thats the way i feel about u...
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.
#2 - posted May 26, 2013. 13:40

Pretty nice poetry. U could make a future out of this
Look beyond wat u see
#3 - posted May 26, 2013. 21:45

thankx dude.
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.

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