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Second Chapter: Have fun reading


"We have to head up to see if our friends are alive!" Monkey grabbed Marcels hand and started towards the elevator lobby.
"Do you want to die?!" Chase could not believe how stupid the Monkey character was. "Are you even sure they haven't turned?" He asked, following them. Chances of survival is usually better in numbers- Chase knew that.

They were waiting for the elevator when around the corner leading to the rooms on either side of the lobby; about 15 zombies surrounded them.
"Damn...." Chase sprang at the ones in front of him. He hit two of them on the side of their heads with the broom and hit a third one in the gut. "Die scum!" Chase used all the strength he had and pushed the broom through one of the zombie's mouth.

Meanwhile Marcel and Monkey were engaged with zombies of their own. Even though drunk, Marcel managed to push one of the zombies and ripped the throat of another as he struggled to get away. It was just when the elevator door opened. Monkey got in in a hurry. "Chase, Marcel; hurry up!" He yelled at the two guys fighting.

Chase looked back for a brief moment. He ran over to Marcel and sort of threw the guy into the elevator and jumped in just as the doors closed.


Someone was scratching their door. Sakura went to open the door and see who he was.
"Don't you think we ought to wake Karab first?" Luna suggested; "What if it was a drunkard."
"It's probably Marcel....relax." Sakura opened the door.
Before she could even make out who he was; someone bit Sakura and tore off her left hand. For a moment she just froze; then she started screaming.
Luna ran, horrified by what she had just seen.

Taylor was the first to respond. Sakura was lying on the floor and at least 3 zombies were eating her as she kept struggling and yelling to save her. Taylor looked around to find anything that resembled a weapon. All he found appropriate was a chair. Taylor grabbed it and smashed against the head of one of the zombies. Sakura suddenly grabbed his foot and was moaning in a weird tone. Her face had withered and gone lifeless. Realizing she was gone, Taylor stepped back. The remaining Zombies came after Taylor.
"What the fuck...." Karab came out of his room. He had a bat in his hand. It was so typical of the hooligan to carry around melee weapons with him. A zombie came after him. Karab tapped on the side of the Zombie's head hard with the bat, almost ripping the skull off the body. A second blow to the top of the head downed the zombie instantly.

"A bit of help please." Taylor shouted to Karab as he tried to keep the Zombie at bay.
Karab walked up to the zombie from behind and grabbed his head then smashed it against the wall.

"Are they gone....?" Lunar came out of the room where she was hiding.
"For now....where does that asshole keep his guns?" Karab asked, looking around. He was referring to Low, the security of their group.
"Come to think of it....where is that guy?" Taylor asked.
Low came walking in through the front door, accompanied by a huge individual who could barely fit through the door. "Where do you think....they are in the truck." Low stopped to inspect the half eaten Sakura's body. "Who the fuck opened the door?" Low sounded annoyed.
"She did...." Luna replied.

"Forget her, we have to get going." The large guy said.
"Who're you?" Karab asked.
"This is Ryu. He'll be coming with us." Low got up and scanned the room. "Take whatever you can carry in a handbag.....we are leaving."

They were waiting at the elevator which was apparantly coming up.
"Could be more Zombies. Be ready." Low warned.
"Okay." Ryu said casually.
The door opened and before any of them could react, a guy came jumping out of the elevator door and hit Ryu with what appeared to be a handset. "Die!" He yelled.
Ryu grabbed Chase by the neck and picked him up, "Do I look like a Zombie to you?" He asked Chase trying to free himself.

Monkey and Marcel walked out of the elevator, looking confused. They smiled at Low and the others.

"You are....alive?" Chase calmed down.
Ryu let him down, "Yes."
"But I saw..." Chase was a bit frantic.
"You saw me get taken down....but Low saved me." He said, pointing at Low who smiled.

The group took the elevator down to the lobby. They smashed their way through some zombies that had emerged in the area towards the exit.


#2 - posted May 25, 2013. 19:49

u should be an aurthor.
gud luck with ur future writing
this is nice
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.
#3 - posted May 26, 2013. 13:15

Wow nice story. U would really succeed if u went into writing stuffs like this

In order to survive we cling to wat we know and understand and we label it reality. But knowledge and understanding are ambigious, that reality could just be an illusion.
Look beyond wat u see
#4 - posted May 26, 2013. 13:44

Please refrain from double posting. If you think you have more to add, just use the "edit" button. Thank you

Quote by beyond99
Wow nice story. U would really succeed if u went into writing stuffs like this

In order to survive we cling to wat we know and understand and we label it reality. But knowledge and understanding are ambigious, that reality could just be an illusion.

I appreciate it. Thanks.
Although I feel theres a lot of room for improvement in my skills.

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