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it cames crying
it cames whining
the utterly helpless voice
u cant let down
from there on
its a start
a start of a new life
for u and for him
he will toss and turn
he will look and explore
and the most important
he will fill up ur every minute
it starts with a feed
in every couple of hours
oh! that was the easy part
cas' u can just feed it breastmilk
then cames the bottles
the canned foods
the home-made ones
not to mention bottle feeding
just be sure
that is not all
u got to
sing to him
hoping that
he will sleep
ever so quickly
and if he decides not to
better stay with him
untill he decides otherwise
dont be mistaken
this is just an easy part
for when it cames to illness
or the first tooth pushing out
that is the time of its life
where u may not sleep
dont get me wrong
a baby is a wonderful thing
people congratulate u on it
it makes ur marriage
more stronger and meaningful
it gives u goosebumps
it makes ur heart glow
it makes u feel
so much love
although ofcourse
it takes up all ur time
time that u dont even have!
for it is a 24 hr job
the best job in ur life
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.

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