Topic: Broken Relation: CHAPTER THREE
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I woke up in the middle of the night when a stone came crashing through my window. I took the stone and saw that it was wrapped by a note paper. I unfolded the paper nd read it.
"Shari, I know i have given u so much pain. nd im sorry for that deep in my heart. I know how u luved me all these past 10yrs but I..I coudnt realize it. I saw u nd Josh in a relationship...maybe thats how I realized that i have betrayed u nd want u back. Hence, im begging for u to be my partner. Im sorry again. I even know that i dont deserve forgiveness but pls i want ur forgiveness. Im waiting outside ur house, u can even see me while luking down from the window. Pls come i wanna talk to u..........SOSCE.
Suddenly, i started to cry, coz maybe i dont wanna see him or maybe i would fall for him again if i meet him. but still, i went out nd met him. "Shari, luk! i know u r mad at me. but pls...pls accept me. Now i think i cant live without u. Its like u have been one of my life's part. pls come back to me" he knelt down nd started begging me holding my hand. I shoved my hand back from his. "Listen Sosce i dont know wat kind of man r u! Aftrer ruining my life for the past 10yrs u r NOW saying that u really luv me. After i started my new life u r NOW saying u want me back! Thats just ridiculous. U dont know wat u knew wat u meant to me before! But still...still u broke my trust, ruined my life made it as a living hell! Sorry, I cant come back to u coz i luv Josh. And i should have known that Josh luved me before even not like u! He would never go after a girl like u! Never. And necer show me ur face alright!" Saying all those rude things to him i ran back to my house burst into my room nd gave a final glance through my window. He was still there, crying. But i didnt wanted oto go back for him again. That night I coudnt sleep. Whole night i was awake.
Sunrised nd i went down to have breakfast. Suddenly, Josh gave me a surprise. The whole dining oom was decorated with red roses. My favorite. I was soo happy wen Josh appeared behind the curtain nd said. " Surprise". "Oh, Josh thank u so much but wat r these decorations for?" I asked. "I knew it Shari u would forget ur birthday> COme on baby gemme a kiss now." Than we both kissed each other cut the birthday cake nd went out for a walk.
"Shari u seem really down wat happened?'' "ugh! that sosce made a big ruckus last night" " wat did he do?" Josh asked concerned. And i told him everything that happened last night. "Well, u should be careful than he can do anything to achieve u"
That day nd night went really great we went for diner, danced played and came to my house. "Oh Josh, thankx again. I would never forget this birthday of mine" I thanked him again. "No need for that darling, after all, this is ur 27th birthday. Bye Cya Shari. meet u later k". Than we both bid farewell nd went to sleep.
I want to be in the dark,
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