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Topic: Black Veil Brides: Andy 6
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#1 - posted June 8, 2013. 00:43

Hullo! nd im here to know if who r the ones who wants to be the fans of Black veil drives or the super hot Andy 6! He's totally cool, I would say! So who r the ones who wanna be the fans?
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#2 - posted June 8, 2013. 01:53

Gah I VOTED WRONG!! D: But anyway I love them all! Jake is hotter than Andy in my eyes.
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#3 - posted June 8, 2013. 06:58

BVB for me.
#4 - posted June 8, 2013. 21:45

and even Andy 6's ROX for me.
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.

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