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#1 - posted February 29, 2012. 07:19

Lets put together ideas that could possibly benefit the boards. By benefit I mean increasing the interest of our current registered users as well as gathering the attention of guests. Any relevant suggestion with positive feedback will most likely get its own individual thread, thought with this activity rate I doubt we need to go there anytime soon.

Let's try to disregard changes on the main webpage (NK) and focus on the boards mainly, leaving NK as last solution resource.

I can try and give us some easy access idea to start with.

1- Starting from the roots. Advertisements, we need some badly, how and where they'll be applied will be up to us. I've thought of calling a couple of GFXers (we all have a friend or two that can come with some neat stuff, if not ourselves ofc) to make us some sexy advertisement banners of NK/NKF, give them a poll, and a prize to whoever's banner gets the most votes, just to incite some adrenaline.
We can use the art on signatures from other anime community forums. Will they like it? Fuck the police. By that I mean its your responsibility to advertise on other communities.

2- moretheadsmorethreadsmorethreads

#2 - posted February 29, 2012. 14:29
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AdSense would work, for some personal advertisements. But I think NK is covered by AnimeManga. I thought about doing some general advertising. I was designing a personal tag while adding animation to show off Anime-Hood and NK. I fully agree that the forum should be the main issue rather then the home, but then again Naruto fans are decreasing everywhere even in japan. Maybe if we decided to spice stuff up with a forum game database, then that would be a start.
#3 - posted March 1, 2012. 01:10

Stickied. I've been meaning to make a topic like this. Thanks.
#4 - posted March 1, 2012. 04:03

-Create a Facebook page
-ADV on various websites (I'll pay for these.)
-Link it in your signature space on
-Tell your friends at school/work
-Put up pieces of paper around town, at the local anime shop, comic book store, etc. Asking people to come to this website if they want to talk about Naruto
-Get a handful of members and try to keep them active so when new members come they will get fast replies and find it enjoyable.
-etc, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.
#5 - posted March 1, 2012. 21:37

I'm all up for a FB and a Twitter account for NK. I've been walking with the NK linked on my status from some interaction softies too, aka Messenger, Skype, and Steam for now.

Does Ig33 knows how to develop a chatbox/shoutbox script?
#6 - posted March 1, 2012. 22:16

i was wondering when some one would post something like this........
~roses are red violets are blue i have 5 fingers and the middle ones for you ~

~life is not about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning how to dance in the rain~

~life is not hard we're just not used to it yet~
#7 - posted March 2, 2012. 13:32

I made a facebook for N-K a while back, it was linked from the site for quite a while. But I forgot the pass and decided to just lose it.

If someone else wants to make social network accounts for the site feel free, just let me know so I can note it somewhere on the site as the official profile, I don't think we need more than one account at each of those sites lol.

& Hashirama: You forgot the "s" in your msn link, and that link hasn't been working. But I just added an "s" to the link on the site to here, so it redirects properly now
#8 - posted March 2, 2012. 14:27

Quote by Hashirama
I'm all up for a FB and a Twitter account for NK. I've been walking with the NK linked on my status from some interaction softies too, aka Messenger, Skype, and Steam for now.

Does Ig33 knows how to develop a chatbox/shoutbox script?

Yes, however I'm not sure how exactly that would affect the actual forum activity. Hmm...
#9 - posted March 2, 2012. 14:31

Theres not even enough people online at one time for any kind of chat feature. I had an irc applet like on N-A and S-A, integrated on the site for a while. The IRC still remained dead...

Maybe in the future, if we get more online at one time, we could add a chat.
#10 - posted March 2, 2012. 23:25

In order for the forum to become active you would have to make the main website active first.

The change that happened in the past that lead to this massive drop in activity is the lack of updates and changes in the website.

Because of this many users left and choosed other websites that were managed by their staff, receiving constant updates and having a good activity at its root.

In order to bring back these members you'll need something more special that will make the difference between you and the other anime/manga sharing websites. What's the point of coming back when they have everything they can find here, at that website.

This is just my opinion. What's that special thing that N-K needs in order to recover the activity lost in time? I have no clue.
#11 - posted March 2, 2012. 23:35

Make the main website less confusing and more kid friendly. It's scattered everywhere. Like all over the place. So many links and to much text. Add more visuals and fun games. Children don't want to read all this information. They just want to have fun.

EDIT: I created a Facebook page. I will make an official picture in the future.
Here: Click
#12 - posted March 3, 2012. 17:56

More kid friendly? Well facebook is not kid friendly. A commercial is kid friendly. A 10 year old see's a call of duty recap and go bananas.
#13 - posted March 9, 2012. 10:39

Was the Facebook account Compassionate made approved as NK's official?

@Raziel: We are aware of the causes. The existence of this thread is one step ahead, the solutions.
#14 - posted March 9, 2012. 10:55

Sure. I dont have a problem with it

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