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(#33) posted on August 19, 2012. - 03:22

Quote by igi33
So what happened to this one FB N-K page again, Ian?

Must have been the one I lost the email to... I'll try to recover it.
(#34) posted on August 22, 2012. - 21:12

Nk needs something special of its own to attract other members to the site. Most people would rather use a more active forum to discuss Naruto and other animes.

In my opinion, when you guys went with Anime-Boards it was the best idea since the name gave it away that it would be about multiple animes while now it is indeed about multiple animes, but the website is named Naruto-Kun which may not attract fans of other animes because like Nelo has mentioned Naruto's popularity is kind of dropping let's not forget to mention that it is currently at it's climax so it will be over in a year or two.

If you focused on other animes and added some information on them then it would attract much more people. For exemple if you make sections dedicated to animes by seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) it could possibly attract other people that are interested by them and those who are unsure about which anime to give a shot could read others comments and decide for themselves. Not many forums have a section solely dedicated to new animes which is something that could make this forum a bit more special than others.

(#35) posted on January 29, 2013. - 05:41

update the choices for the avatar list
life is difficult yes. But why stop when something comes in your way? In your path of life? Take that problem and smash it! Stomp that problem until it's solved.
(#36) posted on February 9, 2013. - 00:52

Love do anything for it but it comes back and bites you in the ass...just like best friends....or so called ones
(#37) posted on February 9, 2013. - 02:55

I guess the major anime's like One Piece isn't so major anymore, and since most of the newer anime that people rave over are only about 10 episodes long it would be pointless to host them here.

Quote by DemonSpawn
update the choices for the avatar list
That would be nice.

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Take it easy

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