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#1 - posted June 14, 2013. 16:57

The latest chapter entitled 'The time of Life' has been released on Mangahere.
You can read the chapter by following this link.
Discuss below what you thought about the chapter. And as always, enjoy!

#2 - posted June 17, 2013. 17:21

Personally, I found this chapter brilliant, yet quite sad.

I think it was quite obvious that Gray would be brought back and while it was rather quick, Fairy Tail is known for its fast pacing so I won't touch this issue.

Ultear sacrificing herself for Gray was a popular theory last week, however, I'm glad that Mashima has managed to surprise (at least me) with the way it was executed. Using a time spell to go back before the Gate was open didn't even give me any time to think because seeing that she only managed to rewind the time only for 1 minute made me go O_O From certain point of view, having the power to affect even 1 minute of whole universe is awesome, in my opinion.

What saddened me the most, however, was the fact that while her sacrifice was noble and she managed to help a bunch of people, she doesn't realize it and thinks of her life as completely worthless. Dying (if she's dead) while thinking that is quite depressing.

Now, is she dead or she will survive? It was clearly said that the user's time is stolen upon the usage of the spell, however, knowing Mashima and his previous work, Rave Master, where a certain character used a spell with the same name which also dealt with time... I wouldn't bet on it. :) Personally, I'd like to think that she's dead because this being her last moment would be, despite everything, quite memorable. Of course, nothing will beat Sieg Hart...

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