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#1 - posted June 18, 2013. 04:17

Time is worth
time is court
time is hope
time is scope
time is health
time is wealth
i m here to say some words about time.It is very necessary things in time if we use it.It will be helpful to us if we kill it time will also kill us thats'y time is our health wealth and everything
dun come!!
#2 - posted June 21, 2013. 18:29

Nice rhymes. Moved to literature section as that is more appropriate and since this is not a competition.
#3 - posted June 22, 2013. 14:19

dun come!!
#4 - posted June 23, 2013. 20:39

It was damn cool rhyming words Camerit. keep it up!
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.

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