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#1 - posted June 19, 2013. 12:25

it was 12 pm the pope of the church is at church confression room she was alone and was sleeping after 4..5..minutes she heard noise of trumbling steps she awake and go through it she saw a child carring with doll she said who are you. child said i m alone i have no one to live with them .. pope smiled and said you have choosen right way my son god will help you and when child entered the prayer room his legs suddenly
starts tribbling and the child run suddenly by god fear he run at the last room of the church the pope come and said what happned child said i m feared of it ... she said nothing to worry !! ok now sleep child put his doll on the bed and sleep after half an hour the doll suddenly fall and its stuff get dameged than pope came and saw that doll stuffed got damaged and when she pull it the spirit came around him and he feared "for god sake please don,t kill me " and spirit of soul killed him very badly after that after20..21 minutes boy wake and who did this to him says in condition of fear and shouted than doll spirit awake and try to kill him but child run quickly and he shut the door but door broke into pieces than he run towards prayer room and hold bible tightly and said please help me spirit found him and go through him and when spirit came and touched his neck spirit suddenly broke into liquid and liquid flew to the back of the church to the grave yard......
dun come!!
#2 - posted June 19, 2013. 15:30

I'm gonna guess that you wrote this yourself, which means it belongs in the Literature section. Moved.
#3 - posted June 19, 2013. 18:17

dun come!!
#4 - posted June 20, 2013. 12:58


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