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Topic: Naruto Manga Chapter 635
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#1 - posted June 19, 2013. 13:44
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The latest Naruto Chapter 635 entitled "A new Wind" has been scanalated by MangaPanda and released on Mangahere. You can read the chapter by following this Link. Discuss what you thought about the chapter in this topic.

I personally thought the chapter was a let down. Sasuke basically wants the same thing as Madara. He just wants to do it himself. ._.
#2 - posted June 19, 2013. 20:24

Still, we don't know his TRUE intentions.
#3 - posted June 19, 2013. 20:45

I think he wants to end all Ninjas.
#4 - posted June 20, 2013. 02:02

I love how everybody is going along with sasuke and orochimaru coming back. I think the characters suspect something must be going on, but their primary focus is the battle. I did enjoy sai's comment about sakuras smile at the end of the chapter. I agree with Low, I also thought more was going to be shown this week.
#5 - posted June 20, 2013. 02:42

You guys make 0 sense...
#6 - posted June 20, 2013. 07:48

I agree with Low and Igi.I don't know how right now but I do
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