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#1 - posted June 20, 2013. 20:06

Anybody play it?
Its a game created by fans featuring characters from the naruto and bleach universe. Its a crossover rpg game, where you get to fight other members and rank up.
#2 - posted June 20, 2013. 20:55

Yeah I played Pokie Ninja. It was fun. But I got bored.
#3 - posted June 21, 2013. 20:35

I used to play but..I forgot about it after a while.
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#4 - posted July 5, 2013. 18:33

Hi tired of playing but the other was carried away by the universe One piece. There's a little brighter and has recently been updated. Here's a video found in the net for the game
#5 - posted August 12, 2013. 20:19

I first played pockie ninja and then i played pockie pirate found both to boring. Last week i started to play pockie saints but i found it too easy

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