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#1 - posted July 3, 2013. 23:27

The latest Bleach Manga Chapter 544 titled 'Walking with Watchers' has now been released on

You can read it here.

Feel free to discuss this chapter, and predictions for the upcoming chapters here. Enjoy!

#2 - posted July 5, 2013. 02:22

Well damn. Poor guy, at least he died like a man... I guess .-.
#3 - posted July 5, 2013. 10:56

Cant wait to see these guys in action. I assume thats why kubo is telling us about this stuff. Not that we need to know anyway.
#4 - posted July 5, 2013. 22:35

Most of them are gonna end up like the Arrancar fodder anyway
#5 - posted July 5, 2013. 22:48

Eh. I think Ywach guy cares about his "letters" more than Aizen gave a damn about Espadas.
#6 - posted July 5, 2013. 23:26

I would actually say the opposite. He's been killing his subordinates left and right, even Yamamoto noted it during their battle.
#7 - posted July 6, 2013. 10:28

You may have a point. Although unlike Aizen, Ywach actually talks about them.
Aizen is rarely seen talking about Espadas. He even explained the ability of the guy who was fighting Yamamato.
#8 - posted July 10, 2013. 20:10

I haven't been following Bleach lately. What the fak is going on?
#9 - posted July 11, 2013. 12:41

Quote by Compassionate
I haven't been following Bleach lately. What the fak is going on?

Quincy vs. Shinigami;

Ichigo is a Shinigami-Quincy-Vizard-Fullbringer hybrid
#10 - posted July 12, 2013. 22:14

You forgot to mention the hollow part.

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