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#1 - posted August 2, 2013. 23:54

I used to frequent this forum as well as--NA (National-Anime), DBZHeaven, Gamerenders.. those are the few I can remember..

My username used to be Dark Light (Yes, my username became before the HIM album lol). Many folks remember me by my crappy sigs that I've used and created. I'll post a couple.

There's my stroll in memory lane
The Wolverine was tight... Changed to my old sig for it.

#2 - posted August 3, 2013. 10:20

hey! welcome back to N-K!
have a great time.
and those signatures of ur's r pretty damn cool.
I want to be in the dark,
so no one will underestimate me.
#3 - posted August 3, 2013. 19:48

welcome back nigga
#4 - posted August 3, 2013. 23:42

I feel kinda offened at that word Obito ^
life is difficult yes. But why stop when something comes in your way? In your path of life? Take that problem and smash it! Stomp that problem until it's solved.
#5 - posted August 5, 2013. 02:56

I remember you. Welcome back to the site.
#6 - posted August 5, 2013. 16:41

I used to get trolled for those

Thanks guys good to be back!
The Wolverine was tight... Changed to my old sig for it.

#7 - posted August 12, 2013. 17:54

Welcome back nice to meet you!

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