Question: What more would you like to see on Naruto-Kun?
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Topic: Naruto-Kun Revival
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#1 - posted September 2, 2013. 05:46
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Many things have been proposed towards the survival of this site and as many of you know, the activity of Naruto-Kun is diminishing. We get visitors daily which is quite surprising. However, many of you including myself and our other staff members are not participating in enough activities aside from releasing the latest anime and chapters weekly. Its understanding that some of us are busy if not all, but It is still our responsibility to make this community vivid, so this is why I am asking you guys in your opinion, what do you think should be added to Naruto-Kun in general?

This is a Naruto based site, but that doesn't mean that it has to only revolve around Naruto. We've added numerous anime to our roster such as Fairy Tale and One Piece, but I personally believe that we should get involved in more than just anime and start acting like the average Otaku based community. Now note what I just said. The word "Otaku", which is not ideally related to anime only, but pop culture as well. I may not like the same anime's you like, but that doesn't mean that the next person has the same ideas as me, they may love you for your likes or hate you for your dislikes.

I am sure you would want to talk about how crazy Miley Cyrus looked at the 2013 VMA's (for us Americans), or how an Indian baby may become the 1st Human Torch (for you Asians). There are times where I think we should talk about the world in general, though some topics may be to heavy to discuss about, its still an interesting thought that would brighten the activity, and when I say discuss, I mean it should be announced rather than posted on a forum that isn't even the first page you look at when you visit Naruto-Kun.

So now I stress my question, and with a slight poll for a few suggestions. To all of our current and new members, what more would you like to see on Naruto-Kun?
#2 - posted September 2, 2013. 15:42

Well, I had an idea. Of posting stories on the main site. I didn't get much writers who were willing to work on it. The idea was to publish stories online on the site for members to read and comment on. In addition to just the usual releases, this would become something readers look forward to.
#3 - posted May 1, 2015. 01:03

I like what I'm seeing here...

Bump, I hope our other regular visitors give their input.
#4 - posted May 1, 2015. 02:34

As admins, that responsibility is on you. Regardless of what we suggest, it is ultimately up to you guys to implement. I have said countless of times that i'm willing to help in any way possible. It doesn't make sense sitting back and doing nothing and just hoping the site becomes active over time. there are so many potential ideas to be put into place, but you guys seem to need motivation or something.

#5 - posted May 1, 2015. 06:10
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Its not necessarily motivation we need because if you look around the internet you can see that mostly all Naruto based sites are dying out and not generally sites with numerous content but sites revolving around Naruto in general. I posted this as a moderator at the time so I agree with you that regardless of what happens it is the admins job to actually make changes. Hopefully some things will occur because from 2K13 till now wayyyy to many things have changed. I keep trying to get Ian to work on a new project but everything is stuck on NK for the moment.

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