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#1 - posted March 20, 2012. 07:50

Some of you probably noticed there are a few game reviews missing on Naruto-Kun. We are taking public reviews, as we always have for games. Credit will be given.

You need to have completely mastered the game, beaten it completely at least once.

If you would like to write a review for a Naruto game we dont have up yet, post a new topic in this section with [Review] in the title, and follow this format:

Intro / Description
- Brief summary of the game in your own words.

- Describe what its like playing the game. Be descriptive.

-Describe sound quality

- How are the graphics?

- Your overall conclusion of the game.

Graphics (_/10)
Sound (_/10)
Gameplay (_/10)
Replay value (_/10)
Overall (_/10)

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